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Free Michigan Divorce Forms in PDF

What Forms Do I Need to File for Divorce?
Before you download and use any of the legal forms, it is necessary to check if they are:

  • Must-file.

Certain documents might seem unrelated to your family situation upon the initial review. However, you will still be mandated to submit them according to state laws or court requirements. For example, in Michigan, Summons and Complaint form are absolutely necessary to file to end your marriage.

  • Case-specific.

Requests for alimony, account division, and child support, along with other factors will have a huge influence on the number and types of papers that you will have to file. It is necessary to check which ones apply to your personal situation to make appropriate requests in court.

  • Optional but useful.

Certain forms should only be filled out if you “qualify” to submit them. For instance, requests for specific reliefs, such as fee waiver, may only be filed if you experience financial hardship and/or receive means-tested benefits.

List of State of Michigan Divorce Forms

These Michigan divorce forms are free to download and can be used for marriage dissolutions without children.

Forms for Divorce in Michigan with a Child

Filing for divorce with children, spouses must inform the court about the agreement they reached on type of custody, visitation schedule, insurance coverage of kids, and other childcare-related matters. To do it, they will need to file paperwork outlining each of these aspects, as well as presenting calculations they made for the child support payments.

Here is a list of Michigan child custody forms and related documents that cover the abovementioned information:

  • Uniform Child Support Order for Michigan
  • Verified Statement for Michigan
  • Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Enforcement Act Affidavit
  • Domestic Relations Judgment Information
  • Complaint for Divorce Form for Michigan (DM)


What is the Easiest Way of Getting a Divorce in Michigan?

Uncontested divorce in Michigan is the cheapest and the easiest way to get divorced. When you and your ex are in full agreement or are willing and can quickly resolve any disputes that arise, it means that:

  • A lawyer is not a necessity. You may choose to complete a do it yourself divorce in Michigan to minimize the costs.
  • An outcome is more predictable. As spouses reached an agreement, a judge will be inclined to accept it as long as it does not contradict state law or children’s best interests.
  • You can get a quick divorce in Michigan. There will be no need in multiple hearings, and you will only have to wait until the mandatory period passes before your marriage dissolution can be finalized.

Filing for Divorce in Michigan Online

When filing without a lawyer, you need to have a clear understanding of the steps you and your spouse need to take to get your marriage dissolution finalized. Note that any deviations in the process might mean that you will have to start the divorce process again.

What are the Steps for Divorce in Michigan?


Where to File for Divorce in Michigan

Search for a divorce court in Michigan in a specific county where you live if you are the one who will be filing the paperwork. Before getting to the court, it might be best to contact the clerk and clarify if the work hours indicated on their website are the same so that you do not waste time in case the updates were not reflected.

State Residency Requirement

According to the Michigan state residency requirement, you or your spouse must have lived in MI for at least 180 days before either of you can file there. Additionally, to file in a specific county, you must have lived there for a minimum of 10 days. If any of these requirements are not met, the court will not have jurisdiction over your case and thus, will not accept your paperwork.

Waiting Period

The waiting period for divorce in MI is 60 days if you have no minor children and around 6 months if you do. The countdown starts from the day you file, and a judge will not grant you a marriage dissolution before it elapses.

Filing for Divorce with Children

Filing for divorce in Michigan without a lawyer is still an option if you have kids. As long as your marriage dissolution is uncontested, you will be able to navigate the process yourself without involving an attorney. The additional steps you need to take to divorce in Michigan with children are:

Also, note that you will have to pay a $255 filing fee if you are filing for marriage dissolution with kids.

Filling out the Divorce Paperwork

There are a few ways you can find and fill out divorce documents in Michigan.

Searching for and completing the paperwork yourself is definitely a cheap option but the one that might not yield desired results. It might take weeks until you figure out which documents need to be filed in your case, and how to answer the questions properly. Additionally, there is no guarantee that your papers will be accepted in court and you will not have to repeat the whole process from the beginning.

If you do not want to spend more than an hour dealing with the paperwork, an online divorce in Michigan is your best option. You only need to take a quick questionnaire, and our system will choose the most suitable forms and fill them out for you in just a few days. Therefore, you will not only get a package of documents for $139, but a guarantee that they will be accepted in court.