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MIDivorcePapers.com is among the top online services that offer assistance with paperwork for uncontested divorces. Our team fully understands the complexities that await divorcing spouses when they have to deal with multiple forms required in court. We are ready to simplify the document preparation stage for our clients.  


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We have been in this sphere for over 4 years and have helped lots of couples going through an uncontested marriage dissolution. Thanks to the usage of modern technologies, we can prepare case-specific divorce forms in the shortest time possible. Besides, we maintain a transparent pricing policy with no hidden fees.

Please note that we focus on document preparation only. If you need legal consultations, full-scope representation in court, or assistance with document filing, you should look for a certified lawyer.

People ordering papers from us also get detailed instructions on what to do with the ready forms and how to start the divorce process. If you are in agreement with your spouse, you can save money on the first step of your divorce – document preparation, without the need to search for and fill out all the forms yourself.

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Erik Smith
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Erik is a seasoned content writer and divorce specialist. In his work, he encourages people to learn themselves better and nurture healthy relationships with others. Erik can offer valuable insights into the complexities of human nature and helpful tips for those considering divorce.

He has a solid background as a relationship expert with experience in marriage counseling. From time to time, he writes articles on divorce and its challenges for our website. He touches upon different topics, including relationships, marriage, family therapy, separation, etc. Erik also communicates with our authors to ensure our blog content is accurate and up-to-date.