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What Are the Options for a Low-Cost Divorce in Michigan?

Going through the divorce, spouses spend most of their money on lawyers’ fees. Therefore, to reduce the costs, it would make sense not to hire one. Should you take the risk though?

Can I Divorce in Michigan Without a Lawyer?

You can divorce without a lawyer, and it may be not as hard as you think. If you and your ex agree or are willing to negotiate on asset division and child-related arrangements, you may not need the court to make any decisions for you. Therefore, there would be no need for an attorney to argue the case on your behalf, and the rest of the process would not require much of the legal knowledge – just a proper amount of research.


Options for Divorce Without a Lawyer

Divorce OptionDescriptionAdvantagesConsiderations
Do-It-Yourself (DIY)Going through all the divorce steps on your own at your own pace.  Requires you to find and fill out the right forms and research the court process as well as your next steps.Cheapest option available – you may even be able to get a free divorce if you qualify for a fee waiver.Inconvenient if mistakes are made either in the forms or in the legal process. You may need to file again at any point.
Online Divorce ServiceGetting divorce paperwork and filing instructions online. Requires you to fill out the questionnaire, download your forms, and use the guide you receive to start and finalize your divorce.Cost-effective option compared to hiring a lawyer. Faster processing time for document completion and delivery.Not free, but costs only $139. You need to make sure you answer questions truthfully and accurately.

Do it yourself divorce in Michigan

If you have enough time on your hands and are ready to take things slow, a DIY option might be for you. In this case, you will be searching for the necessary forms yourself and bear sole responsibility for ensuring they are:

  • Court-approved.
  • Up-to-date.
  • Suitable for your case.
  • Filled out correctly.

The DIY option is definitely the cheapest one available. However, note that it is quite inconvenient since any mistake on your part would mean that you need to file the documents repeatedly due to court rejections.

Online Divorce in Michigan

A trusted online service is a great alternative to hiring a lawyer to complete your paperwork. By getting your documents filled out this way, you will pay significantly less than you would for an attorney and receive your papers within a shorter time span of just a few days. Although this option is not free, it is very cheap and helps you ensure that your forms will be accepted by the court.

The Advantages of Going Through Uncontested Divorce with Us

  • Cheap & fast divorce document delivery.
  • No hidden payments.
  • Full set of legal forms for your personal case.
  • Free guide on filing for divorce in Michigan.
  • Court approval and money-back guarantee.

All of these will allow you to get an affordable uncontested divorce whether or not you have children.

How Much Does It Cost to File for Divorce in Michigan?

The cost of divorce in Michigan depends mainly on whether it is contested. If it is, you will have to hire a lawyer, and the overall fee will be influenced by:

  • Lawyer’s hourly rates.
  • Complexity of your case.
  • Additional experts involved.

The more unresolved disputes you and your ex have, the higher your expenses are going to be. In case you have none and qualify for an uncontested divorce in Michigan, the costs will depend on your approach to dealing with the legal documents.

How Much Does It Cost to Get a Divorce in Michigan?

  • An average contested case will cost you about $13,000. The rate will go up if you have kids, property, debts, and joint accounts or will be asking for alimony. The more issues a judge or a lawyer will help you resolve, the pricier your divorce is going to be.
  • The cost of an uncontested marriage dissolution with a lawyer will amount to about $3,000-$5,000, and the price will fluctuate based on factors similar to those described for a contested case.
  • When you use our online service, you will spend $139 on divorce paperwork and around $175-255 in court fees when you file.

An online service is the most cost-effective option considering you will receive both the forms and the filing guide, fully equipping you to file for divorce on your own. It will allow you to get all the paperwork in a matter of days and complete a marriage dissolution for under $500.

Filing Fees for Divorce in Michigan

The cost to file for divorce in Michigan will be around $175 if there are no kids involved and about $255 if you have minor children. Note that divorce filing fees may vary depending on the county, and you may be required to cover other court costs. If your case becomes contested and goes to trial, you will have to pay more.

Cost of Divorce Proceedings in Michigan

Our company offers both quality and cheap paperwork preparation services to spouses filing for divorce in Michigan. If you cannot afford to pay the $139 right away, we will gladly offer you to do so in installments. Just contact us in a live chat or send us an email so that we can create an installment plan suited to your financial needs.

Paperwork Preparation$139
Installment Plan$75+$65 or negotiable installments.
Economy (5-6 days)$45
Standard Shipping (3-4 days)$55
Express Shipping (1-2 days)$70
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